Tuesday , January 21 2020
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What does a car service manager do?

The Vehicle Service Manager is the person responsible for overseeing the service department of a car dealer. They act as spaces for the customer, the mechanic and a car dealer. Most of their tasks include customer satisfaction and customer relations. They are ultimately the one responsible for the service department's …

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3 essential vehicle fluids Your vehicle cannot go without

All vehicles require regular scheduled maintenance, service and settings in order to perform best. Long-term vehicle maintenance is impossible without various routine maintenance. One of the most important factory-planned maintenance requirements to adhere to is the filling of fluids for vehicles. There are several fluids a vehicle needs to make …

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Automobile Load Managers For Emergency Vehicles

Car Load Managers are designed to monitor and control the transmission of electrical energy in a vehicle system. The most advanced load handlers will include load sequencing and load functions. These two functions help maintain the vehicles optimum electrical condition, which is crucial for all emergency vehicles. The load sequencing …

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How to take advantage of a vehicle guest post

Do you like blogging about cars? If yes, it is quite obvious that you would like to let other car enthusiasts know about your blog. You can't imagine how fulfilling it would be to let others read about all the information you share on your blog. What should you do …

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Automotive Dealership Compliance: Disaster Scenario

The commotion in your service department sends a shockwave throughout your dealership, and you, the dealer, arrive just in time to witness one of your service techs being handcuffed across the hood of a vehicle in for service. Your tech has been accused of stealing the checking account number from …

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